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18th September 2021 
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Surya Layton

Surya is now fully vaccinated for Covid 19, and currently doing fortnightly swabs as part of her NHS work.
The Covid Safe Risk Assessment can be found at the bottom of 'About Surya ' page.

*** Wishing Well Massage is now OPEN for in person therapies!***
Offering Therapeutic Massage, Touch for Health (Kinesiology) and Reiki.

A regular Therapeutic Massage client said:
'Thanks so much for helping me rebalance today, I feel so much better'
Sue Collins, Osteopath (August 2021)

Another regular Therapeutic Massage client said:
'Having returned to work from time off, and with my legs and lower back very much feeling the strain, I attended my appointment with Surya. Following the massage, I, gingerly climbed off the table, and was delighted to find my legs where much more compliant and much less complacent than before! Thank you Surya!
Russell - Gallery Attendant (August 2021)

The Full Buddy Massage Workshops for partners, family duos and paired friends are also up and running.
Recent testimonial from a couple completing the workshop in June this year:
'Relaxing, informative, confidence. Loved it! Thankyou for such a great session :)'
Lucy Morris, Civil Servant and partner

Surya will continue offering online TOUCH FOR HEALTH sessions 1 to1
which can help you benefit from therapeutic self touch as guided by Surya online. This will bring a deeper sense of embodiment, balance and enhanced well-being.

Testimonials for TFH online March 2021

"Thanks for today, felt great afterwards! Both relaxed and energised!"
Kevin Hand, Ecologist

"I enjoyed the experience of Touch for Health online. Of course it wasn’t ideal conditions being fitted into a busy work day, but the process was a pleasure and reinforced my intention to work more on my body.
My sense of wellbeing hasn’t diminished despite my frustration at having a little too much work on right now!"
Jeremy Peter's, professional Photographer

For more information on TOUCH FOR HEALTH ONLINE please see KINESIOLOGY AND REIKI page.

In addition to online Touch for Health, Surya is offering online distance REIKI healing.
according to latest Government guidelines
Covid Safe Risk Assessment only applies once Wishing Well Massage reopens and can be found at the bottom of 'About Surya ' page.
Online therapies will continue to be available in the meantime***

*Surya also leads and teaches online Meditation including Mindfulness, Heartfulness and Embodiment practices*
Please feel free to call for an informal chat about either of the above

Surya is a skilled, experienced and intuitive practitioner of

~Bodywise Therapeutic Massage and Pregnancy Massage,

~Touch for Health Kinesiology and

~Reiki (level 3 - 'Master' level)


Surya practices in a variety of venues in Cambridge:

~ From her cosy Home Therapy Room ( called the Zendo) in East Cambridge CB1 3HJ

~ At Your home, through Home Visits. In the comfort of your own space within a 5 mile radius of CB1 (home visit fee 10 extra)

~ Pre pandemic at Satyam Yoga and Wellbeing Centre CB4 1AX
Leading Full Buddy Massage Workshops for couples and duos< but now either in your own home or in the Zendo.

Surya says...
We all need nurturing touch and some of us may be really missing physical contact with friends and loved ones.
As we open to the abundance of life all around us in nature we will probably find our energy and immunity responding accordingly. The long Summer days can help the body relax and open.
If we can take time to listen to our body, our own nature and what it needs as well as our hearts desire we can start to respond by giving it some deliberate support.

Give it a helping hand with any of the above TOUCH therapies.

Relax and unwind with Massage in a nurturing space where there are no demands or distractions placed on you. Or stimulate your vitality with an envigorating Massage.
Perhaps you want a deeper sense of healing that includes all parts of your being through more subtle energy work, using Reiki or Kinesiology (Touch for Health).
All of these therapies bear in mind the whole person - who is unique and wonderful - who needs a compassionate hand to remember self healing.
It is so easy for us to neglect this approach in this fast paced age. But to remember it and honour it brings all manner of blessings.

Online therapies will continue to be available too***.


Lack of touch with social distancing is probably affecting all of us at this strange time, especially if we live alone. Hopefully online or phone support helps bring some emotional feelings of connection. But without physical connection through handshakes or hand holding, a gentle hand on a shoulder or knee to reassure or a hug or a cuddle we can feel very deprived. We need these normal physical ways of expressing support, friendliness , love and connection.
Surya aims to address this lack through sharing videos of self help touch techniques for de-stressing yourself as well as positive touch that reassures your body and helps you feel grounded.
If you would like to receive these free videos please email by clicking on the address above (top right).
The first one is on Emotional Stress Release.
In the meantime Surya will try to get them onto this website!

~Come home to your body
~Feel stored up stress and tension release
~Be cherished in a beautiful space
~Feel more present and grounded
~Rejuvenate and revitalise yourself
~Have confidence in your body's natural processes
~Be balanced and at peace

Jodie says:
'...after the treatment, I felt more than relaxed, it was like an emotional weight had been lifted from me. It felt like I'd undergone a therapeutic experience...
...Surya's natural passion for what she does, her intuitive approach and her medical background all contribute to her ability to be a very special Therapeutic Massage therapist.'

Jodie Sellen, Proprietor of Cambridge Complementary for Therapies and Treatments

Paul a regular Massage client at Satyam Wellbeing says-
‘...when you Massage my neck it takes away all the troubles of the world!’

A Cambridge Architect says:-
'I just wanted to thank you for the lovely massage yesterday that has calmed down my muscles
that are feeling much more relaxed and I am in much less pain today.'

'Many thanks again for your Lovely work Surya, my wrist is feeling much happier today :-)'

Simin says:
Dear Suryamani
It was a pleasure to meet you. I also would like to let you know what a good massage you gave me. I had a very relaxing afternoon and slept peacefully longer than normal.
Thank you and hope to see you again.

Simin Ostovani, Cambridge

Dharmavira says:
'I have been going to Suryamani for Massage for several years, she is one of the best Masseur's I have come across. Her intuitive connection is immediate and she has an outstanding healing ability.'
Dharmavira, Karate Teacher, Cambridge

Natalia says:
'I still consider you the best
therapist I have seen in my experience across 3 continents!'

Natalia Pemberton, London

Fiona Shaw, a regular Massage, Kinesiology and Reiki client over many years says
" Surya and her unique, peaceful zendo are a recipe for total nourishment- physically, emotionally, even spiritually. She has a calm and caring manner and her hands are sensitive and skillful. I have always felt completely cherished, blissful and renewed."
Fiona Shaw, Teacher and Healer, Cambridge

See Therapeutic Massage page for more information and testimonials

A gentle dialogue with your body using light muscle testing and then a freeing up of blocked energies with a range of simple touch techniques.
These might include:
~Emotional Stress Release
~Postural Stress Release
~Past Injury Stress Release
Having a clear and meaningful goal or vision for positive change can be clarified at the start of a session so that all the bodies disparate energies can get on board to effect that change!

Sarah says:
'Your touch for health is so good, thank you , slept so well'
Sarah Blake, Art Lecturer, Cambridge

Amy says:
'Just to say thank you for a lovely treatment yesterday. I feel really good today and found the whole experience helpful and beneficial.'
Amy, Aromatherapist, Cambridge

Anna says:
'I have felt GR8 since our last session...happy, relaxed light and easy and healthy. Exactly what I wanted!'
Anna,Dance student, London

Jodie Sellen says:
'During the session I moved from feeling emotionally muddled to feeling a strong sense of clarityand a new focus and feeling of empowerment to move towards my goals.'

'I found that Surya had the insight, intuition and experience to ask astute and pertinent questions. This allowed us to formulate a specific affirmation relating to a goal that I have and we were able to reinforce this within my body intelligence.'

'Surya has a very wide range of skills. During my session she used a combination of muscle testing, dowsing, massage, meridian techniques, acupressure, reiki and traditional Kinesiology techniques. I found each technique used, deeply relaxing and nurturing.'

Fiona Shaw, a regular Massage, Kinesiology and Reiki client over many years says
" Surya and her unique, peaceful zendo are a recipe for total nourishment- physically, emotionally, even spiritually. She has a calm and caring manner and her hands are sensitive and skillful. I have always felt completely cherished, blissful and renewed."
Fiona Shaw, Teacher and Healer, Cambridge

For more information and testimonials on Kinesiology and Touch for Health Workshops see relevant pages.

Reiki energy is a warm and loving witness to the body and holds it with total openness and acceptance, without judgement or agenda. This compassionate atmosphere gives the body the space to heal itself.
Reiki naturally flows through the hands of the practitioner to parts of the body that need it. The body guides this process and uses the energy in its own unique way for whatever healing or rebalancing is needed. The touch is gentle and either on the body over the regions of the Chakras or above the body in the spheres of the auric fields. It can be experienced as relaxing and balancing, healing and empowering.

Fiona Shaw, a regular Massage, Kinesiology and Reiki client over many years says
" Surya and her unique, peaceful zendo are a recipe for total nourishment- physically, emotionally, even spiritually. She has a calm and caring manner and her hands are sensitive and skillful. I have always felt completely cherished, blissful and renewed."
Fiona Shaw, Teacher and Healer, Cambridge

TRAINING WORKSHOPS in Touch for Health and Massage
Learning experientially and applying good theory in a fun and positive learning environment.

Anna Bishop says of the 'FULL BUDDY MASSAGE WORKSHOP':
'I would tell a friend about your kind and friendly approach, how you have endless time for us, you know your stuff.
We have both become a bit more embodied, particularly Phil and more sensitive to each other's needs'.

Anna Bishop and husband Phil Bishop, London

VENUE in Central (East) Cambridge, a short walk from Mill Road (CB1 3HJ)
Surya's home therapy room is called the Zendo - a place of meditation and healing over a number of years.
It is located in a lovely secluded garden surrounded by jasmine and rose and the sound of birdsong!
Off street parking available in Surya's drive.
See a photo of Surya in the Zendo in

She can also make local Home Visits on request for an additional 10 fee.
Surya knows how important it can be to receive Massage in your own home.
In the latter stages of pregnancy it can be lovely to be nurtured in the place you feel most at ease in.
Likewise if you are recovering from an episode of poor health and/or your mobility is limited then home is the best place to be. Whatever your situation, Surya is very adaptable. She has a background in District Nursing and Midwifery and has been present at several home births! She can either bring her Massage couch or use your home furniture to suit your requirements. She will usually talk this through a little before visiting.

Payment is by cash or cheque (made payable to V Layton) and to be given to Surya during the session. Please note that Surya asks all clients that need to cancel within 24 hours of the session to contribute half the cost of the missed session. In some cases a compassionate waiver will apply.