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4th June 2020 
Pregnancy Massage. Chalice Well

Pregnancy Massage (from 12 weeks onwards)

Pregnancy Massage aims to cherish the Pregnant woman as she cherishes her developing baby within her. It helps her to reconnect with all the changes taking place in her being and provides a space to assimilate these changes. Through relaxing therapeutic touch, her body can adjust to these changes, releasing tensions and enjoying the sensual nature of Pregnancy. Pregnancy Massage is generally gentle and uses the sidelying position to prevent vena caval compression associated with lying on the back. Extra cushions are provided to maximise comfort.

Specific Techniques are applied in a Pregnancy Massage to help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms associated with a normal Pregnancy. These include:-

  • releasing muscular tensions
  • stimulating her circulation to feed her own organs as well as the placenta
  • helping lymphatic drainage and reducing oedema
  • aiding easier breathing
  • inducing deep relaxation
  • promoting inner peace and a feeling of wellbeing
  • supporting a balanced blood pressure
  • encouraging oxytocin release to reduce pain during labour and birth
  • enhancing the womans positive relationship with her body
  • monitoring wellbeing and recommending professional input if any problems arise
  • providing a peaceful and beautiful environment for the woman and baby to receive optimum cherishing.

    All clients will be asked to complete a Health Questionnaire at the start of the first session. Extra time will be spent going through this before the Massage starts so the first session will be 75 mins long but the same price as ongoing sessions.
    Surya also works at the Rosie Hospital as a part-time Phlebotomist and really loves supporting women going through their Pregnancy journey.

    Pregnancy Massage, 50 per hour/ 42 concessions

    Jodie Sellen says:
    After the treatment, I felt more than relaxed, it was like an emotional weight had been lifted from me. It felt like I'd undergone a therapeutic experience.